Thursday, September 01, 2005

Truth and Coincidences

The Village Voice clues in all the lucky New Yorkers here, here, here and here.

Whither Philadelphia? It seems like things will be o.k. to good this year, which for Philadelphians means that it'll be very busy this fall. Curiously, Liev Schreiber's adaptation of Everything Is Illuminated looks captivating, but I say that with reservations; the cult of the "small movie" fan has been manipulated so frequently and with such sophistication that discerning an underdog approaches the complexity of hermeneutics.

As an aside, which film journals/magazines are worth reading? The only magazine I read monthly without fail is The Wire, a snooty music rag for cynics, hermits and weirdos. I also am always sure to pick up Ugly Things, which is much the same albeit for a different subset of cynics, hermits and weirdos. Thanks.


Anonymous Filmbrain said...

I read The Wire almost every month as well, yet I don't know why. I read the reviews, re-read the reviews, and still have NO idea what the CD they are reviewing will sound like.

Still, fascinating writing.

11:30 AM  
Blogger blackmail is my life said...

The Wire is complete inside baseball. I don't know what the equivalent on the film side is (obviously since that's what I'm looking for), but it presupposes (that maybe General Custer wasn't killed?) that the reader is at least familiar with the artist, even in a roundabout way.

I mainly read it for amazing artist profiles more than reviews, although those can be useful, especially for checking out European artists that haven't yet reached American shores.

You should pick up an issue with the Wire Tapper attached if you haven't already. That's a really nice bonus for such an amazing magazine.

10:39 AM  

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