Saturday, August 27, 2005

Technical Question

While some of us are bragging about our new home viewing capacity, there are those of us still trying to assemble sensible computer infrastructure so as not to monopolize the good T.V. That said, in a horserace with no riders, which software is preferable - the partially installed Intervideo that manifests itself in Hewlett Packards, or the Nero software I've tried loading unsuccessfully on several occasions? I ask specifically because the latter is on sale this week, dirt cheap. My hesitation comes not only from past difficulty, but also from the knowledge that it's not great for fullscreen viewing.

Any words of wisdom are welcome. If there's any shareware that would serve my purposes (screen capture, potentially ripping/burning discs), drop me a line at AT gmail dot com. Also - send all URL's to sites like DVD Beaver and that ilk. Knowing which Criterion Editions will be released in November heightens their anticipation.

Once the landlord comes and paints the walls in the spare bedroom and the new desk is built, watch out!


Blogger Alfred said...

I'd love for us to enagage in semi-serious, attenuated, contentious film badinage. We can do it via email or on our respective blogs. You can pick the topic: Antonioni, Bresson, Bunuel, whoever, whatever. Let me know, bitch.

8:33 PM  
Anonymous Filmbrain said...

Are you talking about software for watching DVDs, or burning them?

WinDVD is a pretty solid package for watching DVDs, but get the complete version, not the lite version they give away with.

10:01 PM  

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