Tuesday, August 23, 2005

New York Film Festival

Wishful thinking. Better living vicariously through dearest Filmbrain. As a special note, I'm thrilled to hear that a director's cut of Antonioni's The Passenger (starring Jack Nicholson for those of you who are unfamiliar with the title) will be screened (and probably made available on DVD finally), but how soon is now for Red Desert, which may be the most underrated and perpetually overlooked Antonioni film in my opinion.

In any case, maybe the next turn will be to Antonioni's filmography, whose work I fell in love with immediately and whose aesthetic choices inform how I look at modern film. His work to me is also a natural gateway into Italian film, combining his trademark breathless style with the stark emotional brutality of his neorealistic colleagues like Rossellini. More on Rossellini and Sarris' derogatory evaluation of Antonioni to come.


Blogger Alfred said...

I dearly love L'Avventura, which remains a watershed moment for me, but consider most of his subsequent work a wash, especially Red Desert. It's impossible to watch certan parts w/out giggling hysterically. Antonioni tries so hard to make a statement about alienation out of shots which look as pretty and modishly vacant as Vogue magazine covers.

Still, I'd love to hear your take. (By the way, Kael's takedown of Antonioni makes for better reading than Sarris'.)

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