Saturday, December 10, 2005

Rare and Out of Print: 24 lies per second

Something that gets lost in a lot of the conversation regarding repertory films being reissued on DVD is not just how idiosyncratic the process is, but how motivated it is by profit. 24 lies per second points up just how many interesting films get lost in the mix. Some of these may eventually find their way into broad re-release, but not without efforts like these that go a long way to develop a consciousness of what's out there waiting to be re-released.

The desperate thing about a wonderful site like 24 lies is how it makes me wish that everything were available, all at once. Of course, I'm taking a quick lunch break from The Man Who Fell to Earth and maybe I'm taking Newton/Sussex's "multi-tasking" a bit far.

*Obsessive's edit: Fortunately for me, my employer maintained a VHS copy of the film currently featured, The Incident, starring Beau Bridges and Martin Sheen.


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