Saturday, January 22, 2005


Der Bruno welcomes you into The Dark of the Matinée. Here, it is hoped, he'll guide you safely through the cinematic Scyllas that await all of us between cultural shores. This will be a film blog from the outset, partnered with The Projector at Stylus, and entering into the amateur film circle populated by Filmbrain and the like. It is hoped that Bruno S. will solicit guest bloggers from time to time to tackle the films that perplex and fascinate audiences, and the issues that face creative thinking presently in Hollywood. Bruno steadfastly supports independent filmmaking, but not to a fault: while some film students pursue no goal in particular, many find themselves unhappily situated in proximity to film, without means to create, and their energies drain out in service to work instead of their art. This blog will become a critical clearinghouse for those artists as well as it progresses.

Check back for interesting stories and insights and enjoy the show!


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